Cues filtered out perspectives

Social Presence Theory

  • Greater bandwidth allows for more cues
  • Nonverbal cues make communicators more salient to each other
  • Thus, the greater the bandwidth, the greater the social presence
  • CMC results in less impression formation

Reduced Social Context Cues

  • Focused on lack of nonverbal cues to express purpose, decorum, status and affect
  • Leads to focus on task and self, and hostile, disinhibited behavior
  • When you don’t have all the cues, people behave in more selfish ways (focus more on self)
  • CMC will lead to poorly developed ,negative impressions of people

Hancock and Dunham: Results

  • CMC Breadth < FTF Breadth (in support of Social Presence Theory)
  • CMC Intensity > FTF Intensity (somewhat against Reduced Social Context Theory.  Impressions were more intense but not necessarily more negative)