Let’s start throwing ideas at the wall for this week’s assignment, and either through comments or new posts, try and narrow it down to one that we’d like Matt to write about. Also, feel free to throw questions out to the group if you had any difficulty with Clark or with Herring. We can help each other, or if we find we’re all stumped, we can make a note to ask Jeff in class.

I’ll start with a few ideas I had. I use open-ended questions here with the idea that we would use Clark to derive a testable hypothesis and Herring to derive methods:

  • How does e-mail that is marked as having been forwarded from another source affect the likelihood of the recipient taking up a dialogue with the sender?  
  • How does assigning a customized ring tone to an individual affect your likelihood of answering when that person calls?
  • How does hearing a “ringback” tone instead of a ringing sound affect how long a caller will stay on the line before hanging up, or whether they will continue on the line long enough to leave a message?
  • In face to face conversations, how are electronic interruptions (i.e. one party’s cell phone ringing or vibrating) dealt with?

I hope you are all enjoying the readings.